2nd NDM Alumni International Reunion in Atlantic City


July 15, Friday, 5:00-8:00 p.m.-        Meet and Greet/Registration     Ballys Hotel, 6th floor Rotunda (near Traymore Ballroom)
July 16, Saturday 10:00-2:00 p.m. – Luncheon/Fellowship                   Ventnor City Community Center
                                                                                                                               6500 Newport Ave., Ventnor, NJ 08406
                               7:00 p.m.- 12:00 a.m.  Dinner-Dance                           Traymore Ballroom,  6th floor, Ballys Hotel
July 17, Sunday    9:00 a.m.    Mass                                                           Traymore Ballroom, 6th floor, Ballys Hotel
                               10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.  Brunch                                       Traymore Ballroom, 6th floor, Ballys Hotel
                                                    Alumni Meeting
                                                    Election of New Officers
                                                    Vote on Venue for 3rd International Reunion -2013



Dec. 29, 2007 was the grand alumni homecoming for the college, high school and elementary . For the alumni, espcially those who came all the way from the US, canada, australia and middle east , the homecoming was a day to remember the good ol days and share those special moments with classmates, teachers and friends. Bro. Willy Lubrico, FMS, President of NDMU welcomed everyone to the 2007 homecoming. He shared about his plans one of which was the alumni exhibit hall where important memorabillia of alumni could be displayed. Dr. Mario Dideles, President NDM High school alumni association gave the keynote address. Those who were visiting the school for the first time after graduation were awed at the changes they saw in campus. The beautiful landscapping, the new office structures simply amazes them.

Going around the campus you can see the happy exchange of notes. It was a time to stay connected as others excitedly asked  for phone  numbers and addresses. There were sob stories and happy ones as they tried to share their own experiences in life.   You hear boisterous laughter at old campus jokes. The favorite one I supposed is how  the boys outwit their teachers.  Well the girls on the other hand enjoy screaming whenever  they see classmates and friends they have not seen for ages. Oh yes they were once more kids at heart and they cherished every single moment of their reunion.

The event would not be complete without the fun games,  group exercise called karakasa which was facilitated by Mr. Wilfredo Atayan, and a special ballroom dance number by batch 62 under Ely Punsalan dance instructor and who is at the same time an alumni from batch 74. Later in the afternoon the turn over of the key of responsibility to batch 83 was met with cheers and yells of goodluck. Those who have hosted the alumni homecoming in the past knew how difficult and challenging it was to host such an event. But nonetheless batch 83 stood up for the challenged of hosting the 2008 homecoming.

The homecoming ended until the wee hours with the band playing everyone’s favorite song of yesteryears. The boys have too much to drink but who cares? It was a once a year event and everyone wants to make the most out of it.

until the next reunion! high school batch 83 and 58 as the next host batch.

Jing Ureta
NDMU Alumni Coordinator

Alumni Get together in Stockton, California USA


by: Don Donaire, President NDMarbel Alumni California chapter (AB Philo ’85)

NDMU Alumni Association California Chapter had a successful event last October 13, 2007 (Saturday) in Stockton, California. The event was well attended by active members from various areas of San Jose, Vallejo, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Modesto and San Diego. The group was full of life, energized and blissful with the presence of Bro. Willy, who came all the way from the Philippines. This was a great opportunity to stay in touch, meet and greet old friends and a time to reminisce with schoolmates and classmates from the area.

The highlights of the event started at 1:00 P.M. with a Para liturgy which I prepared . The first reading was read by Elvie Whitsitt (NDMU ’97 Accounting). Lilibeth Pacinabao (Girls ’87) read the responsorial psalm. The prayers of the faithful was read by Jesse Evangelista (Boys ’87) and Kathy De Vera (Girls ’94). The spreading of the good news was read by Bro. Willy. The Para liturgy was celebrated with reverence as everyone reflected on the readings. It was ended with the song of Notre Dame, Our Mother. The hymn brought back memories since we have not sang this for a long time.

Lunch was potluck. Everybody brought a dish or two and ended up with variety of sumptuous food to share. Some people purchased food before arriving while some made an admirable effort to cook.

After lunch, Bro. Willy presided the meeting.. He was discussing the purposes and goals of the alumni organizations. He emphasized that one should be a part and proud to be NDMU. He also mentioned about the services that alumni center in NDMU has to offer for all the alumni members, alumni awards for those who deserve in recognizing of their works and deeds, sport activities, scholarships and Alumni Legacy Fund. He was encouraging all the members that little generous offering make a big difference in attaining the goals of the alumni. He also discussed about the Bylaws and Regulations of the association that will be created by the core group. It was agreed and will plan a date to form the written laws.

The best part of the get together was the socialization and cocktail time. Once the karaoke was up each one took turn choosing their songs. They were singing like a pro!

Everybody enjoyed each other’s company. For those who were new to the group the newfound friendship excited them more and has now looked forward to another alumni activity.

Two Notre Dameans from Gen. Santos City (Lani Gammon and Eduardo Soriano) came, joined the group and met Bro. Willy as their former mentor in NDDU Alumni gatherings. It was really an occasion of joy for old friends, families, schoolmates and classmates to get together. The place was full of members that never run out of conversation and things to do. They sang and chit chat endlessly. It was a time to connect the past and present events, of people that they knew from way back, and how they relate with each other.

The magnificent and fantastic meeting ended at 8:00 P.M. The group wanted to stay and stick around for while however, Bro. Willy has to attend a dinner hosted by an old friend of his, Dr. Bobby Santos of Gen. Santos City. At any rate, it was one Saturday that we have accomplished so much. It was very fulfilling day and so unforgettable for most of us.

16.jpg50.jpg Until the next alumni activity!

NDMU Manila Chapter Fellowship


dsc05708.jpg    dsc05719.jpg    dsc05715.jpg

What makes the alumni fellowship in Manila extra special that requires  the presence of the President of the University and myself  as the Alumni Coordinator?   Well, it is important if you talk about 42 alumni gathering   for an alumni event in Marist School Marikina last July 29.  Actually, I was worried that we might not hit 20 but  with 42 attendees?  not bad huh.    The text brigade and  emails did work its magic.  In order for the younger alumni to get to Marikina , I  had to  wait for them  at SM Megamall building A.

It was fun especially when group B (the 80s and 90s graduates) rendered an almost perfect tune of the NOTRE DAME MARCH.  Guys, next time make sure you also learn the lyrics of the Marist Hymn.  What about the more senior ones?  they tried and tried in vain to follow the steps made by the 2000 graduates of the song BOOM TA RAT TARAT..  I didnt know that  Sister  Marivic Estrella, SPC could bring the house down with her charming description of where she works.  Oh lala.

The pledges of the NAJA  group(Javier, Lacia, Sunico and Nem)  is highly appreciated.   We shall wait for  your donation before the year ends.   The P2,745.00 shared by everyone is now deposited to a common fund called NDMU LEGACY FUND  under your chapter.  Let it grow people!

I met Congressman Dodo during the Rotary club meeting wednesday evening at Celemas.  He insisted that he and the boys of batch 75 didnt know of the gathering in Marikina.  He and his classmates  were in Antipolo two days earlier for a get together  at  Boy Rebosurra’s  private resort.  It was an exclusive night out with the girls and the boys of batch 75.  Well i told my sister to inform them of whats going to happen in Marikina.   Are they having senior moments already? 

I am sure everyone who attended the alumni gathering can not wait for the next activity.  Let us not just stop from there, let us move forward  and see how we can be of service to our alma mater and to the younger generation of graduates.  Just remember how we  we used to sing our tune..WE STAND TODAY FOR OUR NOTRE DAME..

Jing Ureta
NDMU Alumni Coordinator