JOBS FAIR! 1st NDMU Alumni -Manila Jing Ureta NDMU Alumni Coordinator

Out of concern for the alumni and graduates seeking employment, Janice Fano and the officers of the Manila Chapter suggested to hold a jobs fair exclusive for ndmu graduates.  It was tough to host one outside of the school campus and away from Koronadal but the impossible was made possible. There was a problem on venue and the companies  who would  take part of this project.  I guess BELIEVING in something very noble was the key.  We were discussing where to hold one since Manila is an expensive place to be.  Just when we were about to give up, the  venue at St. paul University Conference hall was offered by  Sr. marivic Estrella , SP University Admin VP  and also an NDMU alumni.  A huge conference hall fully airconditioned?  what more can we ask for.  The  companies and recruiting firms under my own online community -hrphilippines and hrphilippinesJOBS confirmed their attendance.   It was overwelming how we were able to handle the first project even without  fund support.  Senior Alumni like EX ESTANDARTE, NEM BLANCO, LILY MORTEL, SONNY JAVIER AND GEL SONICO brought food and drinks for everyone.  It was a time to fellowship with one another, it was good to see  alumni like Cocoy Ruiz taking a time off from his work  in Barcelona Spain, Marlon Viejo promoting Fellows from UP diliman, Jilven Amar bringing with him Alumni job seekers to attend the activity .  Indeed it was a time to build bridges to create more opportunities for our graduates and it was a time to reflect on how the manila chapter alumni can help their alma mater. 

What now Manila?  The next activity is scheduled on July 4 and 5.  A 1 and 1/2 day for fellowship and annual planning.  Everyone agreed that there should be a series of activities to increase awareness of the Alumni chapter in manila, what is its mission and its goals.   

Until the next activity!






ERMIN SOLORIN , Soldier, Our Notre Damean Hero

Parents  who have  sons and daughters in the battlefield  can not  help but worry endlessly.   If they knew that their children would die in the battlefront they would have told them to come home rather than face death.  However, they also knew that living dangerously is but part of a soldiers life.  They face death and die honorably as a soldier.  

Very recently we read and heared the news of soldiers killed while in hot pursuit of the the kidnappers of Fr. Bossi.   We read too of what happened to these young soldiers. 

ERMIN SOLORIN  was one of them.  He was no ordinary soldier.     He graduated top of his class..a Magna cum laude of the Mandala class of PMA 2005. He was also among those sent to Wespoint for further training.   The sad reality  is, he was among those sent to pursue the notorious abu sayaf and MILF in the mountains of  Basilan.

There were many speculations and talks about how Ermin and his men died .  Words have it  that the soldiers were herd together while the enemies surrounded them.  Instead of capturing them alive they were executed. Dont worry, he was not among the first group that were castrated and beheaded.  Nothing so gross happend to Ermin and his men.

Farewell to  Ermin.   He was a  true Notre Damean, standing strong and true for what he believes in.  He graduated first honorable mention of  High school class 2001.  Classmates and friends will pay tribute as soon as he comes home to Norala his hometown. 

Jing Ureta
Alumni coordinator