The HS Alumni challenge..LETS BOWL!

Bowling has always been a favorite  game  of the alumni during homecoming season.  Three years ago when the game was scrap from the  list of  alumni  activities    ,  the enthusiasm  to play  against each other  simply melted away.  The old bowling alley was gone  and the new venue at the mall was not really  that inviting.   There was no place where Alumni  can have a friendly competition ,  laugh and drink with high school buddies and friends.    The  bowling Alley has always been  a melting pot for the young and the not so young alumni.

This year, the High School Alumni Association under the leadership HS batch 85 , the host of  2010 Alumni Homecoming   have calendared sports events such as bowling, basketball and badminton  to bring together Alumni in the spirit of unity, camaraderie and friendship.

Last August 14, 2010 the Alumni came  with their classmates and friends  to the opening of the  Bowling Tournament.   Everyone stood still as the singing of the Notre Dame Hym  and together sang  with so much  passion  as the  Notre Dame  March was played.   Cheerfully they tried to remember the lyrics to the song ..  HAIL! HAIL! To our Notre Dame, loyal and True will hold thy name.

The  ceremonial  throw was lead by   Bro. Wilfredo Lubrico, FMS , University President, Tomasito Montano, NDMU IBED Principal, Merle Padua representing the Sienna School and yours truly as Alumni Coordinator.

The games will stretch for  four Saturdays  starting last August 14 until September 4, 2010.  The  battle cry will always be “ Win or lose will hold thy name in honor  to Notre Dame”.