Dan Garcia(Dubai), Jing Ureta, Virgie Estandarte, Janet Gargantiel (china), Fe Diaz (librarian) standing at theback from left Expedito Estandarte, Ben Rimando (Australia), Rudy Berin, Anita Albano, Eliseo Morales (New Mexico USA), Jean Misperos (Dubai), Rhodora Tuburan -Librarian, Engr. Victorino Tobias Dean-CET, Josephine Rosali- Admin office, Celsa lei (Japan), Marilou Caballo- Record Section,Romeo Babar -CCC

The annual celebration of the Tinalak festival is also the South Cotabato Foundation Anniversary.  This is a  week long celebration that  starts on the third week of July and culminates on the 18th of the month.  As expected South Cotabatenos from here and abroad comes  home to join the celebration.    NDMU on the other hand ,   takes part by welcoming visiting alumni to the University.

The Open House is a yearly tradition where alumni are invited to visit the university,   share their experiences, meet friends, teachers,  and enjoy a campus tour.  This year the activity was held last July 16, 2010 3:00 p.m. Alumni Center.  The visiting alumni came from other parts of the country and some from  US, Dubai, China,   New Zealand, Australia and  Japan.

Taken at the Marist House. Rudy Berin, Nimfa De Lira, Janet Gargantiel, Jing Ureta, Clement and Joh Paul Bendoy, Elma Rafil, Ben Rimando, Virgie Estandarte, Ex Estandarte and Bro. Willy Lubrico, fms University President

Listening to the alumni as they share their stories gave us a  glimpse of  their long hard climb to reach for their dreams.  It was not a bed of roses but  for them  it was all worth it.    Engr. Marjo , a BS Che graduate  recalled how he had to deal with certain biases when he took the Board Exams for Chemical Engineering.   His  experience did  not stop him from pursuing his dreams.     Wih sheer determination and perseverance  he even topped  the pre Board exams which eventually earn the respect of his peers and teachers.              

Rudy Berin, Ben Rimando(Australia), Jing Ureta and Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Bendoy(New Zealand)

 Mr. Berin, a high school batch 63 alumni talked about his high school teacher, Mr. Solivio.  He was  for him the best Art teacher.  He remembered the time he assisted  Sir Solivio in painting the Last Supper and St. Marcellin Champagnat ‘s picture.    With fondness, Rudy  said his teacher  was a real good painter and wishes to see his artwork displayed in the university.

Benjamin  Rimando, high school batch 72 alumni  who is now based in Australia as Safety Personnel  agrees that poverty is never a hindrance for success.    He said his mother was a laundry woman of the Marist Brothers and his father was a driver.  Yet despite this he continued to make a mark for himself proving that he can pursue his dreams no matter how poor they were. 

Nimfa De Lira(Chicago), Elma Rafil Personnel Officer, Emilna Sepaya-Dick(Australia), Elaine Labiao-Guidance Counselor, Dan Garcia (Dubai)

Nimfa De Lira a SPED teacher based in Chicago shared that Filipinos are known for their hard work and dedication to service.    In the US her immediate Supervisor was amased how this little Filpina can extend long hours just to help co teachers with their task .

Dan Garcia (Dubai), Janet Gargantiel (China), Eliseo Morales ( New Mexico USA)

The stories , sad or happy ones were endless  but it gave everyone an opprotunity to learn from each  their  past as well as their present undertakings.    Everyone agreed that the education they got from NDMU contributed to their success.  They are proud to be Notre Dameans!

teacher and student Eliseo Morales (USA) and engr. Marjo Detablan (Leyte

Bro. Willy , the University President congratulated the Alumni for making it this far in their careers. He was glad that they came to visit and see the changes that took place after they left the portals of notre Dame.   He shared that  the development at NDMU is geared to  giving the best education to its students.

HS batch 63 classmates Anita Albano, Celsa Lei and Rudy Berin

The fellowship ended with a campus tour where alumni were awed at the transformation of the university.  Strolling down the corridors meant   walking down the memory lane and remembering the best part of their student days.  For the alumni it was good to be home and for the university it was good to see them back.

Clement and John Paul Bendoy (New Zealand) with Andres Magallanes- Executive Vice