2009 Alumni Homecoming

A yearly tradition among Notre dame alumni has always been the Homecoming activities  every december.    The host batch for this year’s homecoming is 84 and 59 who did a wonderful  job in hosting the event last December 26, 2009 at the NDMU grounds.  Children and adults  were entertained with music and magic ,  a yummy treat of free ice cream and cotton candy  for everyone , roasted Cow and lechon all of which added to the fun  part. homecoming events has always been a  time for fellowship among friends and classmates and sharing of experiences.  It is also a  time off from work to laugh  , cry a little and keep in touch with classmates one has not seen for ages.

One senior  alumni who came looking for his classmates is Mr. Sofronio Lebaguin of HS boys class 55.  He  brought his violin with him and shared his music to the young High school  band members and alumni.  He said he use to be a member of the band  when he was in high school.  He met  his classmate Bro. Eugene Pius,fms and both shared their  high school experiences. Attending reunions for him is like staying connected with friends and classmates.

The oldest alumni who came to register is Mrs. Marianita Causing of HS batch 53.  She felt sad when she found out that the Secretariat has not provided a registration form for thier batch.

She quipped ” “hey we are still alive..i am still here!”. There are about a thousand alumni who came to take part of the festivities bagged by the organizers as Pista sa Nayon.    Pinoy Games like palo sebo  made the older alumni think of how they use to beat each other back in  high school.

In full force was Batch 63 , the group to beat with.  They volunteered in all the games never mind the arthritis and the signs of aging. Despite the scortching heat of the sun, the alumni never quitted on the outdoor games.  Hala bira!

Popular alumni who flew in was  Kennet Duremdes (Captain Marbel) who has retired from the basketball scene of the PBA    but has join the  corporate world. Joining us for the reunion is Don Donaire, President of  NDMAI-USA.  He also attended the meeting called for batch representatives.  The homecoming is a blend of the young and the old the rich and the poor.  The entertainment later in the evening and the fireworks  made everyone look forward for the next homecoming.

Here are more pictures to enjoy:

(KARIKTAN DANCERS)(the new grandstand)

(HS BATCH 74)(HS batch 63)