Across the miles: One Heart One Spirit..The 1st NDmarbel Alumni International Jing Ureta

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DAY I  AUGUST 1, 2009

Braving the summer heat in Las vegas , the alumni from Utah, California, New Jersey, Chicago, Texas, Philippines   came to be part of the historical event of the year….the 1st reunion of notre dameans outside the home country. 

What seemed to be impossible then was made possible through the use of technology.  The internet was the popular tool to plan, organize and implement the activities in  Las vegas.  The core group members were involved in planning the whole activity online.  dsd1 216  

(the core group members met for the first time at Ed Fernandez residence  last July 31, 2009, Don Donaire – San Francisco, Ed Fernandez – Las Vegas ,Marilyn Astrologo-Wolfe-  Stanton , Dennis Deveza – (non alumni) Las Vegas  , Cathy Devera  and Mina Del Rosario  – Sacramento and myself from the  – Philippines  program)

The day before the reunion, the heat was building up in Las vegas as it hit a high of 109 degree.  We were all praying hard for rains to come  since the heat was too much. 

We came early to the Mountain Edge Exploration Park the following day and immediately felt a breeze, yes! A rush  of  cold air was all we ever wanted that day.  Fortunately, the  temperature started to cool down  as if   it was God’s way of telling us to go ahead and have fun.  When the alumni came to register, Don and the rest of the organizing team were so inspired to meet the alumni coming from different parts of the US such as Utah, Chicago, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, LA, Sacramento, San Francisco. Who can ask for more? 

(tight embrace, warm handshake, contagious laughter  marks the best of a Notre Damean ) dennispark 753

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(meeting new friends, renewing old ties, memories that last forever ….)

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 (  The children who came with their parents understood the importance of the bonding and how they became part of the notre dame family)

Mina and Cathy brought a Pinata (a mexican version of our breaking the pot).  Kids were delighted to see Sponge Bob hanging on a tree .  DSC06576It was fun to watch the  children hit the pinata and then run around the water sprouts..they were all wet and wild!  They  love every minute of it unmindful of the adults endless chattering and loud voices.

At 4 p.m., we  attended  the mass at St. Anne Parish church.  Our very own alumni Fr. Roming Subaldo was co presider  to  St. Anne’s Parish Priest.    CIMG4140Everyone felt a certain pride  knowing that Fr. Roming, an alumni came to say the mass and be with the rest of Notre Dameans in Las Vegas .  CIMG4153The activity on the first day was far from  over since  there was still the fellowhip dinner at the  Gimik  bar and resto where alumni can simply have a good time and  just enjoy great  moments together.  Souvenir items like bags, flashlight key chains, ballpens were given  out. CIMG4241 As part of the fellowship activity, Alumni were divided into four groups based on their birthmonths.  Each group were tasked to come up with their cheering numbers.      It was so amazing to see the senior alumni blend beautifully with the younger ones as they prepare their production numbers.  After the  competition, both young and old  took to the dance floor and just dance the night away.  Indeed,  across the miles the alumni came to foster camaraderie and friendship with fellow notre dameans and their families.    CIMG4291  Bro. Wilfredo Lubrico, fms, NDMU President  challenged the alumni to come together in the spirit of  St. Champagnat and St. Dominic to build bridges,  forge friendship and make a difference in the lives of other people.  The night ended with a closing song ” Notre  Dame our Mother “- a song every notre damean knows by heart.  


At 9 a.m. the alumni were  up and ready for the organizational meeting at the Oasis RV Park and Resort.  The mouth watering breakfast plus the aroma of the brewed coffee was more than enough to wake up the senses of the still sleepy and tired alumni.  The   meeting went smoothly and was able to meet its objective which was   to organize the NDMarbel Alumni international Association-USA .  The  meeting ended with a worship service conducted by Alumni Pastor Ed Fernandez .   The Officers and Board  stayed  behind for the luncheon meeting where they  discussed important matters concerning the  the newly orgnized alumni association.  Everyone looked forward to the next reunion in Atlantic City in 2011.

DSC06906(Bro. Willy Lubrico, fms , NDMU President installed into office the new set of officers and boards of the NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL ALUMNI INTERNATIONAL-USA)

DSC06902(Major Officers with Bro. Willy Lubrico, fms)

President                           –              Don Donaire (San Francisco)
Vice President                   –            Willie Acosta (Chicago)
Secretary                           –              Marilyn A. Wolfe  (Stanton)
Treasurer                           –              Mariam Morales – Estella (New Jersey)
Auditor                               –              Rafael Fernandez (Connecticut)
P.R.O.                                  –               Ed Fernandez (las Vegas)






                                West Coast     –      Nelly Necor – Duce (Los Angeles)
                                                               Mina Odifa – del Rosario (Sacramento)
                                East Coast       –      Angel Sandig-Mabilangan (New Jersey)
                                                                Ellen Custodio- Fernandez (Connecticut)
                                MidWest          –   Mary Anne Morales – Reinoso (Texas)
                                                                Condrado  Barranco (Texas)                               
                                Richard Lozada  (San Francisco)
                                Rose Oro – Nazworthy (Las vegas)
                                Jocelyn Paolo -Stevens  (Las Vegas)







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