December is always a busy month.  Coming home to Marbel means celebrating christmas and new year with family and friends.  It is also a time where every notre dameans looked forward to the Grand Alumni Homecoming and Reunions of their respective class or batch.   I take my hats off  to this year’s organizer.  President Dindo and the rest of  his work force  took time off from work to provide the alumni with a  well planned and organized  homecoming event. 

 Last December 27, 2008 Notre Dameans came earto ly to register and attend the 7:30 a.m. mass at the NDMU GYM.  ea011305dsc08650 the opening program started right after the mass with Bro. Willy, President of NDMU and Sr. Mailyn Bolivar, OP  from Notre Dame of  Sienna welcoming the alumni to both schools.  Keynote address was given by Bro. Wenceslao Calimpon, FMS  former  President of NDMUea011376.

(Bro. Wenceslao Calimpon, fms)

The Kariktan Dancers entertained the alumni with their dances while the Tambuli Singers serenaded the  host batch 83 and 58 .

ea011370 The motorcade that followed showed alumni at their best.  the 70’s won the best float!  see some students in their 70’s look with batch 74 Tessie Estandarte  showing off her 70’s wardrobe.dsc086521

Alumni who came to the homecoming felt a certain nostalgia watching old pictures posted in the alumni gallery and gigling at the sight of dolls wearing their old school uniforms.

picture-104The blessing of the Birhen sa Barangay new location was also part of the homecoming.  The relocated site was donated by the Barrieta family.  dsc08653


as the evening drew near , host batch ’83 entertained the crowd with the  the 80’s dance steps which took them a month to practice while Bach’ 58 on the other hand presented a 30 minute  long musicale!

ea011655(batch 58)ea0117341 (batch 83)

HS batch 84 accepted the challenged to be the next year host.  they have accepted a check worth P2,500 symbolic of passing on the next hosting of the 2009 Grand alumni homecoming. 

ea011704 (Batch 84 President Dr. Edgar Adalin receiving a check from HS batch 83 President Dindo Abantao.)

More pictures!  more stories to tell!


ea011599copy-of-dsc08660dsc08662ea011776(Bro. Willy showing off his dancing skills)