Dec. 29, 2007 was the grand alumni homecoming for the college, high school and elementary . For the alumni, espcially those who came all the way from the US, canada, australia and middle east , the homecoming was a day to remember the good ol days and share those special moments with classmates, teachers and friends. Bro. Willy Lubrico, FMS, President of NDMU welcomed everyone to the 2007 homecoming. He shared about his plans one of which was the alumni exhibit hall where important memorabillia of alumni could be displayed. Dr. Mario Dideles, President NDM High school alumni association gave the keynote address. Those who were visiting the school for the first time after graduation were awed at the changes they saw in campus. The beautiful landscapping, the new office structures simply amazes them.

Going around the campus you can see the happy exchange of notes. It was a time to stay connected as others excitedly asked  for phone  numbers and addresses. There were sob stories and happy ones as they tried to share their own experiences in life.   You hear boisterous laughter at old campus jokes. The favorite one I supposed is how  the boys outwit their teachers.  Well the girls on the other hand enjoy screaming whenever  they see classmates and friends they have not seen for ages. Oh yes they were once more kids at heart and they cherished every single moment of their reunion.

The event would not be complete without the fun games,  group exercise called karakasa which was facilitated by Mr. Wilfredo Atayan, and a special ballroom dance number by batch 62 under Ely Punsalan dance instructor and who is at the same time an alumni from batch 74. Later in the afternoon the turn over of the key of responsibility to batch 83 was met with cheers and yells of goodluck. Those who have hosted the alumni homecoming in the past knew how difficult and challenging it was to host such an event. But nonetheless batch 83 stood up for the challenged of hosting the 2008 homecoming.

The homecoming ended until the wee hours with the band playing everyone’s favorite song of yesteryears. The boys have too much to drink but who cares? It was a once a year event and everyone wants to make the most out of it.

until the next reunion! high school batch 83 and 58 as the next host batch.

Jing Ureta
NDMU Alumni Coordinator