Alumni Get together in Stockton, California USA


by: Don Donaire, President NDMarbel Alumni California chapter (AB Philo ’85)

NDMU Alumni Association California Chapter had a successful event last October 13, 2007 (Saturday) in Stockton, California. The event was well attended by active members from various areas of San Jose, Vallejo, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Modesto and San Diego. The group was full of life, energized and blissful with the presence of Bro. Willy, who came all the way from the Philippines. This was a great opportunity to stay in touch, meet and greet old friends and a time to reminisce with schoolmates and classmates from the area.

The highlights of the event started at 1:00 P.M. with a Para liturgy which I prepared . The first reading was read by Elvie Whitsitt (NDMU ’97 Accounting). Lilibeth Pacinabao (Girls ’87) read the responsorial psalm. The prayers of the faithful was read by Jesse Evangelista (Boys ’87) and Kathy De Vera (Girls ’94). The spreading of the good news was read by Bro. Willy. The Para liturgy was celebrated with reverence as everyone reflected on the readings. It was ended with the song of Notre Dame, Our Mother. The hymn brought back memories since we have not sang this for a long time.

Lunch was potluck. Everybody brought a dish or two and ended up with variety of sumptuous food to share. Some people purchased food before arriving while some made an admirable effort to cook.

After lunch, Bro. Willy presided the meeting.. He was discussing the purposes and goals of the alumni organizations. He emphasized that one should be a part and proud to be NDMU. He also mentioned about the services that alumni center in NDMU has to offer for all the alumni members, alumni awards for those who deserve in recognizing of their works and deeds, sport activities, scholarships and Alumni Legacy Fund. He was encouraging all the members that little generous offering make a big difference in attaining the goals of the alumni. He also discussed about the Bylaws and Regulations of the association that will be created by the core group. It was agreed and will plan a date to form the written laws.

The best part of the get together was the socialization and cocktail time. Once the karaoke was up each one took turn choosing their songs. They were singing like a pro!

Everybody enjoyed each other’s company. For those who were new to the group the newfound friendship excited them more and has now looked forward to another alumni activity.

Two Notre Dameans from Gen. Santos City (Lani Gammon and Eduardo Soriano) came, joined the group and met Bro. Willy as their former mentor in NDDU Alumni gatherings. It was really an occasion of joy for old friends, families, schoolmates and classmates to get together. The place was full of members that never run out of conversation and things to do. They sang and chit chat endlessly. It was a time to connect the past and present events, of people that they knew from way back, and how they relate with each other.

The magnificent and fantastic meeting ended at 8:00 P.M. The group wanted to stay and stick around for while however, Bro. Willy has to attend a dinner hosted by an old friend of his, Dr. Bobby Santos of Gen. Santos City. At any rate, it was one Saturday that we have accomplished so much. It was very fulfilling day and so unforgettable for most of us.

16.jpg50.jpg Until the next alumni activity!


Reminiscing the good ‘ol days

by:  Maam Gelit S. Morales

I feel young recalling the happy memories at Notre Dame of Marbel College, years 1966 to 1968. Then to teach at NDMC High School Dept (that time it was exclusive boys’ high). That’s the best learning and teaching experience I ever had. I never thought I would really build a teaching career, with NDMC experience as the benchmark/foundation.
Glad to know that those you mentioned, of Dodo and the rest, were my students in the advisory class in first eyar. they wer such a bundle of joy (hope they are still today!!!)to teach and look forward to as the future leaders of our region, indeed they are.

The last time I got in touch with them was when Mayor Vic de Jesus and then Vice-Gov Dodo Pingoy were the organizers of a mid-year reunion at the Sports Complex. That’s years back.
I didn’t realize how long I’ve missed Marbel and the friends I got to know.

Ex, Nem, Antero, Wennie were at the high school dept, then, as teacher, principal. Also the rest of the fMS.

I got to talk with the founder, Bro Joe Damian Teston, FMS, of NDDC (now NDDU) in GenSan City, on phone on a trip to Florida, US in April 2002 and hen in 2006 during the visits to my sisiter in El Paso, Texas. I’m thankful he accepted em to teach at the NDMC High School Dept in 1968, just fresh crom College. Tha time, it was difficult to enter teaching at the exclusive school for boy’s. We were cautioned, almost warned, b” better step your best foot forward, or you don’t survive teaching in the boys’ high”
True enough, it was challenging and enriching for a teacher. Boys were very intelligent, but I have to brush up my knowledge of educational psychology and boys adolescent psychology (the other side was the exclusive school for Girls (!).

It was fun! I went to UP for a graduate degree, been away for 14 months, then to retun and Bro Crispin assigned me to handle the first ever, mixed section of boys and girls in third year. I remember the boys saying, “if ever, the other side send in again girls to be with us, hope they send in the challengers (!). You mean boy’s, they were so beautiful, you can never concentrate on your studies?.
What I mean was, the mental abilites were so heterogeneous. They like a homogeneous section. Of what Pure intelligent guys or the opposite(!!!). KJust kidding. But after that tiral year, Bro Cris said, “that was experimental”.

Many years after, next time I visited the high school dept, whenI gave a seminaron Methodologies of science teaching at the NDMU RSTC/Science Complex, I noticed all sections are now co-ed. True enough, lets allow humanity to grow with the 2 genders in the same section/class so we human beings grow and develop naturally!.

Now, I’m retird from full time teaching, though still engaged with the academe on part-time, contractual that is. It’s difficult to kick off a “vice(!)” – vice of teaching from one’s system.
Last month I visited a former co-teachers at the NDMC High, Caloy and Mila Precioso at their very good school Te Precious Child learning Center. We had nice conversation and recollection of the good old days at NDMC, now NDDU. Mila was then our reading Expert while I handled the General Science and Physical Science classes. I was happy I was assigned advisory classes in my 8 years stay in NDMC High.

Here in gen Santos City I met a few of our former students, soem work int he bank, agricultaural research Centers, and many other agencies. One time, I was at the PCIB, I heard soemone asked me, “mam’am, can I offer you a lift? I’m on my way to Lagao. I can’t quickly recall – but he immediately said, “I belonged to the first year section C,” I cut him, saying, So you’re the one sitting at the back, the tall student, silent but answered my questions substantially. Simple, humbel and silent.He said he finished BS Agriculture and is now with the resaerch team. I’ happy for him”
But I had other itenerary, so I politely said,” see you next time” He said, before we parted, “Ma’am, Thank you for all that you have taught me”. Holding tears, I said You are welcome, and I’m happy for you and your family”. He said he sends his elementary kids to Notre Dame. What a life, so well spent.! Thanks to God for all His blessings!
Mind you, with my exposure to both state (at MSU) and private education (NDMC). I have balanced education and understand both world of private and state education.

I’m happy for the achievements and success of my former students, both here and overseas

Wish to hear from Dameans.
Thanks Jing for organizing the alumni of NDMU

Our legacy

NDMU is fortunate to have alumni and friends who comes back to the university and share their resources. The NDMU Legacy Fund acceptdsc06147.JPG gifts and donations made by alumni, students and friends that shall go to the programs that matter most to them.

We wish to thank Conrado Barranco of Texas, Laarni Banares of San Francisco and Batch 77 BSC accountancy for making a difference. We recently acquire a JVC Component, a rostrum for the Alumni Center. MARAMING SALAMAT PO!