NDMU Manila Chapter Fellowship


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What makes the alumni fellowship in Manila extra special that requires  the presence of the President of the University and myself  as the Alumni Coordinator?   Well, it is important if you talk about 42 alumni gathering   for an alumni event in Marist School Marikina last July 29.  Actually, I was worried that we might not hit 20 but  with 42 attendees?  not bad huh.    The text brigade and  emails did work its magic.  In order for the younger alumni to get to Marikina , I  had to  wait for them  at SM Megamall building A.

It was fun especially when group B (the 80s and 90s graduates) rendered an almost perfect tune of the NOTRE DAME MARCH.  Guys, next time make sure you also learn the lyrics of the Marist Hymn.  What about the more senior ones?  they tried and tried in vain to follow the steps made by the 2000 graduates of the song BOOM TA RAT TARAT..  I didnt know that  Sister  Marivic Estrella, SPC could bring the house down with her charming description of where she works.  Oh lala.

The pledges of the NAJA  group(Javier, Lacia, Sunico and Nem)  is highly appreciated.   We shall wait for  your donation before the year ends.   The P2,745.00 shared by everyone is now deposited to a common fund called NDMU LEGACY FUND  under your chapter.  Let it grow people!

I met Congressman Dodo during the Rotary club meeting wednesday evening at Celemas.  He insisted that he and the boys of batch 75 didnt know of the gathering in Marikina.  He and his classmates  were in Antipolo two days earlier for a get together  at  Boy Rebosurra’s  private resort.  It was an exclusive night out with the girls and the boys of batch 75.  Well i told my sister to inform them of whats going to happen in Marikina.   Are they having senior moments already? 

I am sure everyone who attended the alumni gathering can not wait for the next activity.  Let us not just stop from there, let us move forward  and see how we can be of service to our alma mater and to the younger generation of graduates.  Just remember how we  we used to sing our tune..WE STAND TODAY FOR OUR NOTRE DAME..

Jing Ureta
NDMU Alumni Coordinator